Escape Room: The Movie….and the other movie…

Written by: The Bat

Escape Room: The Movie….and the other movie…

So I thought I should make a blog post for you all reviewing the movie about the escape room. I already reviewed the sequel after all.

When I went to IMDB, guess my surprise when I found out there was not one escape room movie but six. So instead of giving you one big long review, here are mini-reviews of all of them! Spoiler…some were really bad.

Escape: Puzzle of Fear (2020)

Puzzle of Fear poster

Story: Four friends go to play an escape room only to discover that one of their groups has set up the whole night as a deep-seated revenge plot. Of course, it doesn’t take long for the inmates running the escape room to start killing people off before revealing their evil plot.

Review: At this time I think I’ve watched this movie at least three times, but by the end, I can hardly remember it at all. I just have a mental image of a girl in a cat costume telling the story of her lost childhood spent in an asylum because no one believed she did not murder her best friend. It wasn’t good, it wasn’t bad, it was just forgettable.

The Escape Room (2019)

Escape Room Movie poster

Story: A group of strangers is invited to play an exclusive escape room. As the game goes on, they start to realize it has deadly consequences, and they may not have been invited by chance. They have been specially selected to play, and only one will survive!

Review: This is the big-budget one, the one you have probably all heard of. It was a well made action-type film with a good twist at the end and a setup for the sequel. Not realistic as far as real escape rooms are concerned, of course, but still a fun watch with some twisted surprises.

No Escape Room (2018)

No Escape Room poster

Story: A girl and her father are stranded in a small town with car trouble and decide to play in a local escape room. Once they are locked into the strange creepy old house, they begin to realize that there is more to this escape room than they expected. A friendly game turns into a paranormal experience, and they now have to run from an angry spirit! Will they make it out alive?

Review: Honestly, not too bad. A new twist on the escape room franchise. Well acted by the main characters, the daughter and the father. The set was detailed and kind of pretty actually, and the cinematography was good.

Escape Room: Quest Of Fear (2018)

Quest of Fear poster

Story: Indie Russian escape room film with clowns and cannibals. A group trying to meet a spirit guide ends up in a Russian escape room called a Quest. The guides start massacring the group, and they find out there is an evil back story that relates to the family of one of the group members and can only be solved by a voodoo doll.

Review: While not bad cinematography for an indie film, the storyline was terrible! It meandered in every direction under the sun. The writer tried to tie all the loose ends together in the end, but it was a biiiig stretch.

Escape Room (2017)

Escape Room Movie Poster

Story: A girl surprises her boyfriend with a very expensive escape room experience for his 30th birthday. As they start to play, they begin to be aware that the hour-long room is both deadly and difficult, and they may not make it out alive!

Review: Decently made and not badly written. The writers definitely reveal the true nature of the characters throughout the film, and it will mess with your head a bit. The truth about who is actually a “good” or “bad” person and who is a victim and who is not is definitely blurred.

Also, a couple of the deaths are twisted and gory enough to make me wince, so beware.

Escape Room (2017)

Escape Room Poster

Story: An ambitious escape room owner (Skeet Ulrich, Billy from Scream to you horror fans) unwittingly locks a group into an escape room with an evil demon. The demon, predictably, rips out the camera and proceeds to butcher the group as they try to escape.

Dragon: I don’t know about unwittingly… Uncaringly as long as it makes more money seems more apt. Afterall he was warned several times

Review: One of the few escape room movies where the actual puzzles and room seem like they could actually be played and solved. Other than that, it’s pretty mediocre. Some parts of the script dragged on a bit and were a bit over convenient.

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