From Cheesy to Fangirl Worthy Game Action Flick, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon to City

Written by: The Bat

From Cheesy to Fangirl Worthy Game Action Flick, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon to City


Welcome to Raccoon City starts the Umbrella story all over again, with Claire and Chris Redfield as the stars. It goes back to 1998 to tell some backstory. Then the story shoots forward ten years to an almost empty Raccoon City with citizens getting sick. Of course, Umbrella Corporation is to blame and they will stop at nothing to hide their dark secret. Here is the trailer if you want to see all this info on screen.

Of course, Readers, I won’t spoil the movie for you. But that beginning will send you on a fast-paced adventure with monsters, explosions, and blood galore. There are gruesome deaths and transformations on both sides. And I can promise reveals that will make new fans gasp and old fans cheer as they see their favorites brought to life. I cannot say more…so on to the review.

The Good

First of all, I loved the story they told in this movie. They set up the background of the main characters with a well-laid-out flashback, then went right into the story without a pause. All of the characters are engaging and fun to watch. Also, I had so much fun watching Dragon geek out over what seemed like something I should have recognized… If only I played the games.

Dragon: Seriously it was awesome how seamlessly they combined the first 3 games’ characters, various story elements, and iconic enemies. All without getting too fixated with one over the others. Oh and shh, a bit of a nod to some RE4 elements too!

The monsters are amazing, very well put together with gruesome details that make you wince while at the same time you want to take in every second.

Lucifer saying "I can't look away"

I do have to add here that fans of the movie should not expect the same monsters that they are familiar with. This movie is based on the games, it is not a sequel to the other movies.

The cinematography was amazing too. They put loads of detail into the scenes. Some of them were just small details, but they made us say “I know where this is going…” with total excitement. Some of them were huge sets but done in the right amount of detail to draw the eye everywhere. Also, this movie ran like a video game, with details being revealed to us as they were revealed to the character of the moment. One scene had us only seeing a monster in flashes as a character tries to keep a lighter going in a dark room. Another has a gun revealed in such perfect spotlight that you want to press a button to pick it up.

The Bad

While this movie did run at an average movie time of an hour and 47 minutes, I wished it was longer! It ended on a good note, but I wanted a lot more detail about the background, the characters, and the story! Technically this isn’t really a bad thing, as it shows how much the movie drew us in, but honestly, Readers, it was the only thing I could think of to put in the Bad category! This movie was just too good!


Welcome To Raccoon City was a very fun action/horror film with loads of effects and awesome scenery. The gruesome parts were bloody, the dismemberments showed in awesome detail, the monsters oozed and bled, making you feel sorry for them as they changed but shudder at the thought of getting too close. It was super fun watching Dragon have mini geekgasms at the scenes that were so close to her video games.

Dragon: Um excuse you, that’s so not a word… And naughty… Why are you shoving a phone in my face! *Blinks* huh… Geekgasm: Where you get super excited over something in a movie that you geek out to in your life… Well, I guess it is a word… Well then, yeah it’s that good hehe.

There were plenty of fun characters for anyone to cheer for, and even though Resident Evil fans know who will survive, it is still an exciting romp to see how they do it. All in all, we loved this movie! Definitely worth seeing, in the theater if you can!

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