It’s Always Halloween at Beetle House!

Written by: The Bat

It’s Always Halloween at Beetle House!


“Welcome to the most Strange and Unusual dining experience in California!” Says the Beetle House Website

While I have obviously not been to every dining experience in California, I can definitely agree that Beetle House LA is strange, unusual, and entirely wonderful!

But let me set the scene:

I took the Dragon to Beetle House LA for Valentine’s Day (even though we celebrated a few days before) and it was everything we could have wished for and more. After following the signs to the somewhat hidden door (we had to be escorted in), we were checked in by a hostess in a beautiful goth dress and makeup. She wished us a Happy Halloween, which we found later everyone does there.

It was so nice to not be the only person saying “Happy Halloween” in February. Usually, people just look at me strangely!

After checking in, we were led up a dark staircase, over a small graveyard, and through a hallway filled with artwork of Tim Burton characters. Then through another door and into the Beetle House! The first thing I noticed was the huge Oogie Boogie in one corner of the bar.

Oogy Boogy Statue

As we sat down and were able to look around properly, we were absorbed in the rest of the Burton Themed Decor. The bar had a neon sign declaring “Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice…..” Well, I won’t type it again in case anyone is reading this aloud. The walls were covered with paintings of characters in frames, or just painted in theme. Upstairs there were a couple of creepy dark thrones to take pictures by. The ceiling was covered in vines and leaves, and it was chilly enough that I am still not sure we were not on some kind of rooftop patio. But the cold was quickly forgotten, as the best part was yet to come.

We weren’t there long before the characters began to show up. Beetlejuice was the host of the experience, introducing each act before eventually leading his own portion. There were characters singing modern songs (Emily from Corpse Bride sang I Need a Hero, Lydia sang Just a Girl). My favorite part was Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas singing her song from the film.

But not all the characters were from Tim Burton films. Chucky did some breakdancing moves and threatened to kill the audience; Sam from Trick or Treat told his story and then came around the audience with his trick or treat bag. Although he seemed a bit surprised when we actually had candy to give him. Do people not usually carry candy in their purses at all times? There was even a Voodoo Magician that didn’t seem to come from any film at all, but was entertaining all the same. After their scene, each of the actors was free to roam the audience and take pictures. The magician did a card trick for us and Beetlejuice pretended to catch a bug on our table.

It was a dinner show, and the food and drinks were all themed from one movie or another. A couple of them even came with souvenirs. The show came with a three-course dining experience, and a full drink selection, both alcoholic and nonalcoholic.

Dragon: The food was delisious! And the drinks were all yummy especially the fishbowl.

Fishbowl Drink

The Good

This show was all good for me. The food was excellent. We both got steaks, and they came with Sweeney Todd Razors to take home!


The appetizers and desserts were wonderful too, but the steaks were the best part. Between the pair of us, we tried quite a few of the drink selections, and can report that both the alcoholic and non alcoholic ones were super good. The wait staff was amazing. Our waitress was fun to talk to, gave us drink recommendations when we got stuck deciding and even sent Sally over to our table specifically to take pictures of us, since we were dressed in Nightmare Before Christmas themed outfits (Go to our Facebook to see them!). The acts were spread out enough to allow us time to talk and eat, but close enough together that we never stopped being thrilled by new entertainment. The costumes and makeup were beautiful, both on the stage and up close. Beetlejuice really did look like his face was crusting!

The Bad

As with a lot of the shows I have covered, finding something bad is a stretch. Maybe the fact that all of their souvenirs were sold out. I had wanted to shop a little, but was told that there was an issue with their supplies and everything was back ordered. I just checked their website, an a lot of the things I had been interested in are still sold out. But as we got the razors on our dinner, it was not that big a deal to me.
To someone on a really tight budget, the price might be considered a bad thing. $65 per person, not including drinks and charges for some of the premium menu items. But I think that it was worth it for the experience, and the food and drinks were amazing. I have been to some restaurants that are all theme, the food tastes like something you could get at a cheap chain. But this was not one of them! Everything was unique and delicious. So while the price could make it difficult for some to be able to attend this event, I think it is worth saving up for.


So, my Readers, we drove from Vegas to LA just to go to the Beetle House. And it was entirely worth it! It was one of the best Valentine’s Days, even just one of the most fun experiences of my life. If we ever go to NYC, we fully intend to try that one too, and won’t be disappointed if it turns out to be mostly the same. So have access, to LA or NYC, and want to plan a special night out? Burton Fans and just Halloween lovers too, go to Beetle House!

Beetlehouse with actors

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