Scream VI: Another successful sequel, or Requel or whatever they’re calling it now

Written by: The Bat

Scream VI: Another successful sequel, or Requel or whatever they’re calling it now


Well, my Readers, another Scream movie has been released and that means…..yes….another review of a Scream movie!

Any of you that read my review of Scream is aware of my history with the scream movies. For those of you that didn’t go here to catch up. Yes, I will wait…

Ok, so it just so happened that this one came out near my birthday. So we went to the local drive-in with a bunch of good friends, some popcorn, and some over-21 type refreshments to watch and have fun. And oh we did.

Now the drive-in experience lent an additional bit of fun to the movie. Remember when you watched movies with your friends during sleepovers, and you talked through the movie, and yelled at the characters on the screen to run out of the house, not upstairs? You debated hotly what you would do if you were in that situation (with one of my friends saying run away and another counting on me to defend her). Now imagine doing all of this while in front of a big screen under the stars. If you haven’t been to a drive-in recently, and you have one in your town, I highly recommend it.

But I digress. So our intrepid survivors of the last Scream movie have all moved to New York City to escape the terrible memories of Woodsboro. After the First Kill scene, which was a bloody gory masterpiece, you take a peek into their lives and their attempts to move on. While some are more successful than others, it is obvious that their past has not truly left them. Instead, it is waiting in the wings to strike once again….

I will try to offer my goods and bads without spoilers, but there may be a few hints, so if you are the kind of person that is annoyed by that, stop reading now, go watch the movie, and then come back.

The Good

This category will be much bigger than the one to come. I really loved this movie. All of my favorites from the last movie came back, as well as some from previous movies that I loved as well. While one of the killers I was able to guess at the start of movie betting, the other one took me completely by surprise. I love it when a horror movie manages to do that, as it doesn’t happen often. The gore was incredible, with intestines hanging out and people being chopped up and stuffed into appliances from the start.

Most of the killings were with the traditional knife, but a few of them are different enough to be fun. And of course, the hijinks leading up to the stabbings are the best. People are chased through new scenes specific to the new setting. The mini-mart and the subway scenes from the previews are wonderfully filmed when they are drawn all the way out. The lighting in the subway scene was awesome.

Subway Scene from Scream VI
Yes like that, but longer, bigger screen, and super dramatic.

The plot was super well done. It managed to fit in with all the basic necessary parts of the Scream movies as well as having enough unique elements to keep audiences on the edge of their seats. There were meta moments, with our friendly neighborhood movie geeks telling us what was coming up. There were moments of mistrust, only to have the characters regret those moments as the movie continued. And of course, there was an epic final battle! No more, or I’ll run into spoilers, but trust me Readers, you will not be bored!

They do a wonderful job of connecting this movie back to not only the one before it but all of the movies in the franchise. While they do explain a bit, and have a couple of brief flashbacks, you will want to see the other movies to truly understand the depth of some of the scenes here, just as in the last one. Also as in the last one, there are scenes and plot points that almost directly mirror scenes from the originals. In short, you can understand the plot either way, but the movie will be more fun if you can make the connections.

The Bad

Like I said before, most of this movie has to be put into the good category, but I had one complaint. Not only were most of the main characters stabbed in the same place, a lot of them were up and walking around a couple scenes later. One of my friends pointed it out when she got confused and said “Wait a sec! Weren’t they stabbed in the stomach an hour ago?” Yes I know that getting stabbed in the stomach isn’t a death sentence, but most of them were amazingly active for having that sort of wound. Of course, I don’t want my favorites to die, but they’re like weebles!

Weebles toys


This movie was Frelling Amazing!!! I don’t think this franchise has had a bad one yet (although the 4th was more laughable than scary). It was well written, well acted and well filmed. I even stayed into the next showing to make sure I saw every part that I missed while everyone was getting settled, even though it was getting super cold out by that time. And I would do it all over again, and might, if there weren’t so many other awesome movies coming out this spring! (Teaser, next film review might be Evil Dead Rest)

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