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Escape Room Reviews

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Sometimes you’re looking for a literal escape from reality, like an Escape Room. We love to do those too! Here are our latest reviews about rooms we’ve dared to adventure. And don’t worry sweetie! No Spoilers.

The House of Riddles

The House of Riddles - Exit The Game
Exit The Game
At Home
The House of Riddles Rating 4
Nov 25th, 2021

This game was definitely fun, logical, challenging, and achievable. We finished it in 72 minutes (it…

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The Tonipal’s Treasure

The Tonipal’s Treasure - Unlock! Mystery Adventures
Unlock! Mystery Adventures
At Home
The Tonipal’s Treasure Rating 3
Nov 7th, 2021

This is the first time I have ever gotten so frustrated with an escape game of any kind that I just…

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Zoe - Escapade Games
Escapade Games
Fullerton, CA
Zoe Rating 3
Aug 20th, 2021

I would give Zoe more points as a haunted attraction than an escape room. The sets, acting, and…

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Haunted Attraction Reviews

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Looking to give that ol’ ticker a workout? Maybe you love the morbid and grotesque too! In either case we’re so down to dare. Check out our latest haunted experience reviews.

17 Doors of Pure Terror

17 Doors of Pure Terror -
Fullerton, CA
17 Doors of Pure Terror Rating 5
Oct 24th, 2021

Definitely high here. They use subtle psychological tricks to make you feel like you can’t trust…

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From time to time we have thoughts about things that don’t quite fit into the other categories. Check out our latest musings about movies, games, and more!