How to Have the Most Fun at a Haunted Attraction

Written by: The Bat

How to Have the Most Fun at a Haunted Attraction

Anyone can buy a ticket and go through a haunted attraction. I don’t know about you, but I want the best bang for my buck. So with that in mind, I came up with these 9 tips to have the best experience when I go to a haunted attraction.

Follow my 9 tips before and during your visit to have the best experience possible!

9 Tips to Have the Most Fun at a Haunted Attraction

  1. Be Sober!
  2. Read the website
  3. Buy tickets in advance
  4. Dress for the occasion
  5. Bring your friends suckers
  6. Be Prepared to be Scared!
  7. Be ok with waiting in line
  8. Put your phone away during the haunt
  9. Be Sober! Seriously!

1. Be Sober!

Alcohol and weed have the side effects of making you think that you are the funniest, hottest and most interesting person in the room, and that the spotlight should be on you. They also make you think that any dumb stunt you want to pull is the best idea ever. At a haunted attraction, that is just not true. At best, it will ruin everyone else’s fun and make you look stupid. At worst, you and your friends will get kicked out!

2. Read the Website

The safety warnings and FAQs are there for a reason. They may tell you that you need closed-toed shoes. There will be warnings that people with certain conditions, like pregnancy or claustrophobia, should not attend the attraction. It is definitely better to know all that before you go.

3. Buy Tickets In Advance

Just like feature films and plays, haunted attractions do sell out. Also, in the current covid climate, many haunts are requiring you to buy tickets for a certain time slot to control the number of people on site. You may arrive to find out that you can’t even go in if you haven’t bought your tickets in advance.

4. Dress for the Occasion

I do not mean black tie, ladies and gents!

As fine as you may look in your gowns or your designer shoes, a haunt is not the place. Wear shoes you can stand in, jeans you can crawl in, and clothes you are ok getting goo dripped on. Also, see number 2 and find out whether you will be waiting outside or inside, check the weather report, and dress for the lines!

5. Bring Your Friends Suckers

Everyone has that friend. They complain all the time and start fights with anyone that tries to talk to them. Don’t bring them! You will have the most fun with the friend that you can laugh with when they scream like a banshee at every jump scare. Or if you are the scardiest one, maybe bring the brave one that doesn’t mind you clinging to their arm, and will laugh with you. Bring the people you will make the best memories with.

6. Be Prepared to Be Scared!

Whether or not you will enjoy a haunted attraction is mostly attitude….and yes I mean yours. Tell yourself you will be bored cause scaring is dumb, and you will be. But amp yourself up for all the fun scares and adventures, open your mind, and most of all, lose yourself in the haunt! This is an escape! Let yourself go!

7. Be Ok with Waiting In Line

There will be lines. You will probably spend more time in the line than in the haunt. But there is nothing wrong with that. Not only do most haunts have actors outside to entertain people in line, but take it from someone who has been one of them, they are often the most well-trained actors in the place. Also, there can be people sliding across the courtyard, clowns breathing fire, and who knows what else! Don’t complain about waiting in line, just open your eyes (and your cameras) and be amazed!

8. Put Your Phone Away During the Haunt

The actor reading you the rules at the beginning of the haunt will tell you to put your phone away before you enter the doors. Listen to them! As much as you may want to get that vid or pic, it is not worth seeing the entire haunt through a screen. Plus your phone is your reality. What if your mom calls. Or worse, your boss! Just put it on silent and put it away.

9. Be Sober! Seriously!

I can not say this enough times. Aside from just being kicked out, you could be a danger to yourself, the actors, and your friends. You could get sick, trip and fall, and if you have to drive to get there…well you have to drive home too. Just wait to break out the weed and the drinks till the after haunt party back home. Seriously.

So will you be the one who freezes while waiting impatiently in line with your whiny friends and views the entire haunt through a phone screen? Or will you come in comfy shoes with your scardiest sidekicks, and scream, laugh, and have the most fun you possibly can? Is that really even a question?

Well here is a real question. Did I miss anything? Comment and let me know!

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