The Asylum: Playtime (Pt. 2)

Lost Games

  • Location: Las Vegas, NV
  • Number of Players: 2-8
  • Cost: $$
  • Props & Decor:
  • Puzzles:
  • Theme:
  • Overall:

Written by: The Bat

The Asylum: Playtime (Pt. 2)

Props & Decor:

Loved the decor. Stuck with the time period perfectly, from the battery powered candles that replaced traditional flashlights, to the doll that will give you your hints throughout the game (slight hint, make sure to bring your helper with you when you go through a door. She can see you…..). Every detail was very well thought out, instructions given at the start of the game tell you how to use the props without giving any unnecessary spoilers. A couple of the props were a bit worn down, but that is not unexpected in any escape room, and this only inhibited the puzzles a small amount. The pics with the props at the end were just as fun as the first time!


The puzzles were just as creative and varied as the first room, with a couple of red herrings thrown in. A puzzle that had you collecting pieces throughout the rooms, for example, had me wondering with each new part when they would be used. And one connection I was certain existed between two props, turned out to not be relevant at all. Also, while you could always tell if you had succeeded at a puzzle, sometimes the next part seemed to be finding out what you had opened! Some puzzles had the guests touching things that they might find a bit unsettling, but the owners definitely know the line.

The Dragon’s 2 Cents

I found all of these puzzles a lot more obvious (not that it was easy to figure out), rather more intuitive but some suffered from age… I think that’s the best way to put it, they worked but were finicky to get to work at times which was a bit frustrating. That said a few swaps between the Bat and I in terms of who was trying a given aspect was enough to overcome it.


This company showed us it’s commitment to theme with the room we played, and definitely continued it with the second in the series. As they warn on their website, one of the players will start the room in an enclosed space, and I was shut in so quickly that I barely had time to see the room. This was awesome, as it definitely added to the creepy feeling of being trapped, with my life in my Dragon’s hands as she struggled to find the codes to let me out! The music even fit in with the them, with a couple of nods to asylums referenced in television and movies.As in the first one, the creepy factor rises as the players explore the experience. And no spoilers, but the end was original and very fun!

The Dragon’s 2 Cents

This was the first time Bat and I didn’t work well together… I don’t know what was said to her before she was shoved into the box but when I had initially asked if there was anything for her to do besides potentially die of old age in the box, I’m sure they would have let her out after an hour but I’m still the kinda smart ass who made the joke. In any case the struggles with that dynamic I feel was more on us than the puzzle itself. Once we got the Bat out of the box well things went back to our usual teamwork. That said it was an interesting twist and a nice touch to the asylum theme.

I don’t think it’s much of a spoiler as it’s an image on the website but I couldn’t help but wish the round carpet would have served some kind of demonic summoning circle cover… Then again that might be the horror movie fan in me… it definitely has that kind of vibe which was amazing.


While I again admit bias, as having a creepy doll companion definitely is a plus for me,

I think I liked this room even better than the first one. It was more extensive and in depth, almost like an actual escape attempt through an asylum, from the area that you are assigned to be left in into the hidden areas patients probably wouldn’t see. This company puts on a well designed, well maintained and fun experience!

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